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Where we assist students in developing skills as well as confidence in their own abilities which is best achieved through creating a nurturing, creative and challenging environment.


About LGS JT

Lahore Grammar School was established in Lahore in January 1979 by a group of women with a commitment to quality education and with the aim of providing a creative alternative to the existing educational facilities available in the country. The initial focus of LGS was the promotion of female education. However, it was soon realized that quality educational institutions were needed for young boys also. This lead to the opening of Boys Campus in 1992.

Our purpose at LGS JT is to assist students in developing skills as well as confidence in their own abilities . This is best achieved through creating a nurturing environment. LGS believes that a challenging academic environment rewards the spirit of inquiry, creativity and sense of responsibility to society and leads to the holistic development of a young person. It is our aim to equip all young adults graduating from LGS with the ability to seek continuity in quality institutions of higher education in Pakistan and abroad.

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Admissions in Universities

Towards a Better Higher Education!

University education is more than the capstone of traditional education pyramid—it is a key pillar of human development worldwide. In today’s lifelong-learning framework, university education provides not only the advanced skills necessary to meet the demands of increasingly knowledge-based labor markets, but also the training essential for teachers, doctors,  civil servants, engineers, humanists, entrepreneurs, scientists, social scientists, and other professionals. These trained individuals play a critical role in driving local economies, supporting civil society, leading effective governments, and making important decisions that affect entire societies.

At Lahore Grammar School for Boys (Johar Town), we are really proud to report that 100% of our graduating class goes on to attend prestigious four year colleges/universities in the country and abroad. Recent graduates are studying at Harvard, Princeton, Wooster, Carleton, University of Virginia, Oxford, London Schools of Economics, McGill, Waterloo, Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore and New York University Abu Dhabi campus to name a few. We are also a major feeder school to our leading local institutions to study medicine, engineering, law, business and the liberal arts.

Please visit University Admissions section of this website to see the current status of our students as related to admissions abroad.

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Latest News

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